A New Year Starts At Lensmasters!

A new year for the club began July 1 and we recently welcomed a new group of club officers… how exciting! After a series of “moment of truth” discussions designed to help identify ways we can improve the club and bring more value to our members, incoming President Dan Cossack summarized the opportunity: “We can increase the benefits delivered with a few changes. We will schedule guest speakers as often as every other month, add new opportunities for member training in photography and business communications, incorporate skill building themes into table topics, improve our website and extend our membership building campaigns.”

Dan continued, “Lensmaster’s unique mission as a Toastmasters specialty club is to provide an environment for members to build on and practice both verbal and visual communications skills. Photography and image presentation are valuable skills that can increase the effectiveness of an executive in almost any business situation.”

Our new officer slate: Dan Cossack, President; Jean Tanquary, VP Education; Diana Dee, VP Membership; Marc Nussbaum, VP Public Relations; Gary Olive, Treasurer; Luz Soto, Secretary; John Hawkins, Sergent at Arms.

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