Photographers, improve your “soft skills” at the new Toastmasters Photography Club. Take your photography to a higher level by developing the soft skills required in every area of life. Learn how to present your art to the public, communicate your ideas more effectively, evaluate and encourage others to grow, inspire others to accomplish large projects, and generally be more comfortable in social settings.

What’s Our Goal

Lensmasters is a membership club for local photographers to get together and practice the “soft skills” of presentation, communication, and leadership. ¬†As a chartered club of Toastmasters International, members will use a proven method of public speaking development to give presentations on subjects we are all interested in, such as photography techniques, Photoshop tips, camera equipment reviews, and interesting places to shoot. ¬†Leadership skills are also developed as members learn to listen, evaluate, motivate, organize photo walks, store visits, and contests.