Training Session: Photo Composition- Part 1, November 7, 2018

Marc delivered a powerful lesson on composition, the art of placing the elements in your image to 1) tell a story, 2) make it as pleasing as possible and 3) make the placement consistent with natural human eye motion.  He noted there are no real “rules of composition,” only “tips” or “guidelines.”  “You can apply several of these ideas to a single image and ultimately, the choice comes down to aesthetics,” stated Marc.

The following composition tips were illustrated with example photographs; select an interesting viewpoint, avoid distractions in your background, provide room for your subject to “move,” don’t cut body parts, employ the rule of thirds/golden spiral, use leading lines, fill the frame, frame the subject, draw attention to the main subject with high contrast or brightness, line up elements along diagonals, center the subject and use symmetry/balance, show patterns/repetition and interrupt them for emphasis, add interest with foreground elements, add elements to indicate scale.

Capturing an image that demonstrates one or more of these composition choices will be the subject of our next Table Topics session.  You can find a copy of Marc’s slides on the Photo Lessons and More tab of this website or click the image in this article.

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