The Warehouse Meeting

It doesn’t happen very often but occasionally communication gets crossed and we get double booked for our regular meeting room. The community room at REI is a very nice meeting place with everything you could want in a meeting room, but is also very popular. When we arrived at our regular time the room was already in use by another group. The staff at REI apologized for the misunderstanding and offered for us to meet in an area in their warehouse in the back. We checked it out and while not ideal, it was rather cozy. Since our group was smaller than usual that day, and since we really had no other choice, we decided to make the best of it. We didn’t have a full projector screen in the warehouse so we projected on a white dry erase board that was on an easel. It was small but I think everyone was able to see good enough. I have to say that the staff at REI was exceptionally accommodating and helpful the whole time. Within minutes crates of merchandise was relocated, tables setup, power piped in, and we were ready to begin our meeting without too much delay. Thank you REI. You guys are wonderful.

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